Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our possession date has officially moved up to June 16th. I have taken that day off of work and have made arrangements for an eco-retrofit inspection that day to assess our house's energy use (and waste) and to determine upgrades we should make. This also makes us eligible for the provincial and federal eco-retrofit grants for doing things we need to do anyway, like buy a new furnace. The contractor doing our drain tile and excavation on the outside will be coming that day as well. He is also going to take a look at the plumbing work we need done which would be very convenient if he could do. George the furnace man will be there to gives us a quote on a new high efficiency furnace. And hopefully an electrician will be coming that day--still waiting to hear on that. I am definitely feeling anxious now. But also really really excited. Just a few weeks to go...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our First House

So I very nearly own a house. The contracts are signed, the deposit is paid, the mortgage is approved. Now we just need to take possession. When this will be is still slightly up in the air, although we are hoping to get it sooner than later. (Mid-June is the soonest we can possibly get possession. Cross your fingers for us).

On the off-chance that someone who does not know me will stumble on to my humble blog, let me explain how we ended up with this dilapidated old house in the first place:

My husband and I decided that with the foundering economy and the dip in the Vancouver house market (the most expensive in the country) that this was our chance to own a home. So we found a realtor--who was fantastic--and set out on our very first house hunt. I admit, at first, things looked a bit grim. Even in the winter, even in this wavering economy and sinking market, our price ceiling was very limiting. We looked at houses that were definitely NOT for us. And then we saw our little house on Ferndale. There were no photos on the mls listing and from the outside it looked like another hopeless case. A chain link fence, a decrepit shed, and an odd lean on the outside corners. But when we stepped inside it was so clearly our future home. It was not well taken care of and the house desperately needs some serious work. After a low offer was accepted and an inspection had taken place my husband and I, nervous and weary, walked away from the deal. It was too much. We don't know anything about this stuff. We were scared. So we looked at more houses for more money and hated them all. Eventually we decided that we couldn't let go of the little house on Ferndale that was still on our minds. So we went back with a laughably, unrealistically low offer and my lovely, hard-working realtor got it accepted. And here we are. We have a house, a little money and a lot to do. The advantage to this house, having almost never been updated in its 96 years, is that many of the character features remain in tact. The disadvantage is that it has almost never been update in its 96 years. So I have decided to blog it all as we go along, to record the process, to relieve the stress and hopefully to connect to people who are in the same boat or who one day hope to be.

Coming up: A list of the improvements that need to be done, and the improvements we hope to do.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcome to Reckless Nesting

Reckless nesting will be coming shortly. Stay tuned.