Thursday, July 2, 2009

Demolition Men (and women)

Things are really getting rolling. Yesterday we got a lot done in only a few hours. Paul fixed our toilet, our kitchen sink, we removed the sink and concrete laundry basin from the basement, and we demolished our awful shed. See the pile of rubble!

My mum, Gary's mum and step-dad and two of Gary's friends worked all day. Neighbors walking by nodded in approval as we worked, some smiled, and one even said they were glad to see we took care of the neighborhood eyesore! The best part is that the trees that were coming through the shed seem to have survived the demo.

Now we just have to load up the second of two dumpsters and the yard will be clear of debris and ready to excavate for drain tile.

Now that we are moved out of the old apartment, sleeping in the new house, and really tearing things apart it is starting to set in that I really own this thing. Gary and I were sitting on our front stoop last night after working hard all day, and all I could think was "wow, my very own stoop".

Next post... The epic battle: Susannah and I versus the linoleum floor.

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  1. Hi Saskia,
    I just got your note on my blog but when I tried to reply it bounced back. I figured I'd try you here.
    As for the Domino revival, it sounds interesting! What's the Facebook link or group name?