Friday, June 26, 2009

The First Few Weeks

A lot has happened since we took possession on June 16th. Some of it good and some of it stressful. Our amazing friend Susannah (wood wizard extraordinaire) has been helping us lift the linoleum from the bedroom floor and scrape the glue. Eventually with her help we will refinish the floor in there. (more on this to come in it's own post).

My step-father-in-law / contractor has begun taking out the flooring in the basement, which has given us an extra two inches of headroom down there! Plans are being drawn up and checked over by the city, and once we find a solution for the single problematic beam down there we should be almost ready to finish demo and begin framing the basement walls.

This weekend we are going to move in to the house and with some help from our parents the wood paneling in the basement should be completely removed.

In other news, the price for our drain tile has doubled so we are working out some solutions (including adding more demo to our to do list) to save us some money. Our electrician has hurt his back and is now unable to do the job for us, so I am waiting to hear back from another electrician who was referred by my mother.

I am a bit all over the place this week as we try to get things sorted. My future posts will be much more organized, focused and hopefully better than the last few.

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